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An Easy-to-Follow Weight Loss System That Works!

Are you worried about your weight?

Do you see people losing weight, almost effortlessly, and wonder how?

Imagine losing 10, 20, 30…even 40 pounds!

Imagine how good you will look and feel.

Imagine how much healthier you’ll feel.

Willpower Doesn’t Work
You’ve probably tried your share of diet and exercise programs that haven’t worked. It’s probably not your fault. The reality is that without the right program – and a coach – losing weight is hard.

There isn’t anything wrong with you. You can lose weight too. The reality is that willpower alone doesn’t work. You need a system that works for you, and the right support.

New System Now Available on PEI
The good news is that there is a revolutionary weight loss system available on PEI. And for many, the results have been transformative.

Give yourself the gift of health. Join hundreds of Islanders, just like you, that have achieved their weight loss goals using Ideal Protein. And they’ve done it in less time than you would think.

A Simple System, Designed by a European Doctor
Best of all, the system was designed by a doctor… Extra exercise is not required. No complicated menus.

And you’ll work with your own private coach. They’ll give you tips on how to maximize your weight loss and keep they’ll keep you motivated when you start to revert back to your old habits.

Free Private Consultation with Personal Coach
For a limited time only, Ideal Protein coaches at Murphy’s Pharmacies locations are offering free initial consultations (a $150 value) to determine if the program is right for you. Islanders who are interested can request an appointment by emailing Stephanie at or calling 902.894.9000.

The initial appointment takes about an hour and must be booked in advance. If you are approved to be admitted into the program you will be able to start immediately. You’ll be assigned a personal coach that you can meet with weekly, and you’ll be on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.


Contact Stephanie to start your Weight Loss Journey

What to Expect from Your Ideal Protein Experience

• Free one-on-one coaching throughout your Ideal Protein journey

• A personalized approach to setting your weight loss goals based on your individual health profile

• Access to online tools and ongoing support to maximize your success

• Easy-to-prepare, affordable delicious food and keto recipes

• Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal weight rather than gaining it back!

Katie B, Charlottetown, Total Weight Lost: 45 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Tina, Charlottetown, Total Weight Lost: 35 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Tina Baglole before and after picture using Ideal Protein Weight Loss PEI

Debra, White Sands, Total Weight Lost: 60 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Ann, Charlottetown, Total Weight Lost: 40 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Shawn, Summerside, Total Weight Lost: 58.6 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

“After 3 abdominal surgeries, having two children and not taking care of myself I felt it was time to put myself and my health back on my list of priorities.  Within a very short period of time I began not only to see results, but felt happier and had more energy. I feel like this is definitely something I will follow through with over the long term. I would definitely recommend this program. It has helped me to feel like myself again…I feel great!”

Katie B

“I knew I needed to make some changes and then a friend asked me to sign up with her. I noticed results right away and I liked most of the food. I eat way more vegetables now…I feel great! I go shopping from my “small” closet and I feel healthier. I have more energy and feel so much healthier.”

Tina Baglole

“When I decided I wanted to lose weight, I asked friends and family for their suggestions and that’s when I heard about Ideal Protein. It was a very easy program to follow because it’s so structured and I found it really beneficial to have the one-on-one consultations to keep me on track. I never felt hungry on Ideal Protein! I lost 36 pounds on it and I’ve never looked back!”

Karen Adams

“I have struggled with my weight for a while now. I never really saw myself with a weight issue until one day my husband and I hiked a local tourist area where we lived—I was so out of breath. I hated that feeling! Fast forward to September 4th: my co-worker introduced me to Ideal Protein. This was a life saver for me! Ideal Protein has changed my life and the way I look at food and how I now value myself. It’s an amazing protocol and I am forever grateful to my coach for the support. As of right now, I am down 50lbs with another 40-50lbs to go to my goal. Don’t give up on yourself!”

Denise Patey

“Since joining Ideal Protein I’ve finally been able to lose the extra weight I’ve been holding onto for years!”

Anne S.

These testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results


Meet Your Weight Loss Coach

Every week as an Ideal Protein client, you get to meet one-on-one with a personal weight loss coach for an about 15-minute appointment. During these quick sessions, you’ll receive ongoing support and tips to maximize your success, lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal Weight.

Our Weight Loss Clinics’ coaches at Murphy’s Pharmacies want to see you succeed! We also offer virtual coaching, making it easy to connect to you no matter where you are in the world. Our dedicated team makes your health and well-being a priority.


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