An Easy-to-Follow Weight Loss System That Works!

Are you secretly self-conscious about your weight?

Worried that you will never get your old figure back?

Do you see your friends losing weight, almost effortlessly, and wonder why you can’t?

Imagine losing 10, 20…even 30 pounds!

Imagine how good you will look and feel.

Imagine what you’ll do with all your extra energy!

Willpower Doesn’t Work
You’ve probably tried your share of diet and exercise programs that haven’t worked. It’s probably not your fault. The reality is that without the right program – and a coach – losing weight is hard.

There isn’t anything wrong with you. You can lose weight too. The reality is that willpower alone doesn’t work. You need a system that works for you, and the right support.

New System Now Available on PEI
The good news is that there is a new weight loss system available on PEI. And for many, the results have been transformative.

It’s ok to be honest with yourself – your weight has been bothering you for years. And you’ve been thinking about taking action for a while.

Give yourself the gift of health. Join hundreds of Islanders, just like you, that have achieved their weight loss goals using Ideal Protein. And they’ve done it in less time than you would think.

A Simple System, Designed by a European Doctor
Best of all, the system was designed by a doctor… Extra exercise is not required. No complicated menus.

And you’ll work with your own private coach. They’ll give you tips on how to maximize your weight loss and keep they’ll keep you motivated when you start to revert back to your old habits.

Free Private Consultation with Personal Coach
For a limited time only, Ideal Protein coaches at Murphy’s Pharmacies locations are offering free initial consultations (a $150 value) to determine if the program is right for you. Islanders who are interested can book an appointment online, by clicking here or by calling our Ideal Protein Coordinator, Rob Dickson at 902.894.9000.

The initial appointment takes about an hour and must be booked in advance. If you are approved to be admitted into the program you will be able to start immediately. You’ll be assigned a personal coach that you can meet with weekly, and you’ll be on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

Give yourself the gift of good health in 2020 just like Jillian Morrison. Your only regret may be that you didn’t do it sooner.

Jillian’s Journey

“I began my journey with Ideal Protein in January 2018. I had major back surgery months before and was looking for a solution to lose weight while I recovered from surgery. I was 38 years old, 5’7” and weighed 205 lbs. I was uncomfortable in my clothes and even in my own skin, so I jumped into the program with both feet and feel fabulous today.

I had incredible support and guidance through my IP coach. She answered all of my questions and gave me helpful suggestions each week. I felt accountable and knew that I was responsible for what I ate each day. It was a wonderful experience to see the results on the scale or measurements every week, and all I had to do was “eat the sheet.” I highly recommend the program if you are willing to commit to it – it WILL work if you follow it.

After 9 months on the IP program, I have lost 64 pounds and over 35 inches; I went from a size 16 to a size 8. I feel proud and accomplished.  I am thankful for the Ideal Protein program, for my coach, and for my commitment to the program.”
~ Jillian Morrison, Charlottetown PEI

Results Not Typical

Ideal Protein is Basically Free

When you join the Ideal Protein program, your costs in other areas are redirected to the cost of the program so the effect on your pocketbook will be minimal! Are you worth the investment?

Find out more by watching “The Value of Health” video below.

Is your extra weight putting you at risk?

Try our BMI calculator to find out! Your Body Mass Index is a measure of body fat based on your height and weight.
What is your BMI right now?

This calculator is a great way to see if you’re at a healthy weight range when compared to the average population.

If your weight is outside of the healthy range, it may be time to consider the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program!

This calculator is for educational purposes only and is not intended in any way as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

What to Expect from Your Ideal Protein Experience

• Free one-on-one coaching throughout your Ideal Protein journey

• A personalized approach to setting your weight loss goals based on your individual health profile

• Access to online tools and ongoing support to maximize your success

• Easy-to-prepare, affordable delicious food and keto recipes

• Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal weight rather than gaining it back!

Angie, Summerside, Total Weight Lost: 50 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Debra, White Sands, Total Weight Lost: 60 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Ann, Charlottetown, Total Weight Lost: 40 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Shawn, Summerside, Total Weight Lost: 58.6 lbs

Individual weight loss results will vary

Meet Our Weight Loss Coaches

Every week as an Ideal Protein client you get to meet one-on-one with a personal weight loss coach for an about 15-minute appointment. During these quick sessions you’ll receive ongoing support and tips to maximize your success, lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal Weight.

Our Weight Loss Clinics’ coaches at Murphy’s Stratford, Parkdale, Queen Street, West Royalty, Cornwall, Central Street (Summerside), and Kensington Pharmacies want to see you succeed! We also offer virtual coaching, making it easy to connect to you no matter where you are in the world.

Rob Dickson – Charlottetown/Summerside

Rob Dickson is Murphy’s Pharmacies Ideal Protein Coordinator. With over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Rob says that his favourite part of Ideal Protein is meeting with clients and seeing their success week after week.

Book your initial consultation with Rob in Charlottetown or Summerside now!

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Brenda Dougay – Cornwall/Parkdale

Brenda Dougay has been an Ideal Protein Coach for over five years. Having worked with many Islanders during that time, her biggest piece of advice is to have a support system in place for encouragement throughout your weight loss journey.

Want to book your initial consultation with Brenda in Cornwall or in Parkdale?

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Shauna Oakie – Parkdale/Stratford

After successfully shedding 40lbs herself with the Ideal Protein Protocol, Shauna, a Registered Nurse, knew she needed to help others do the same! For the past two years, Shauna has been an integral part of our Ideal Protein team. Shauna’s words of advice: “Take advantage of have a personal coach. Being encouraged and held accountable will be the key to your success!”

Book your initial consultation with Shauna in Parkdale or Kinlock now!

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Sharon Laybolt – Queen Street/Stratford

In 2016, Sharon decided to embark on a journey of self-care and improvement. During this time, she dropped 30 pounds on Ideal Protein! She credits being able to keep the weight off due to the support of her personal coach. Today, Sharon loves helping others change their lifestyles the same way her coach helped her!

Book your initial consultation with Sharon at Queen Street or Kinlock Pharmacy now!

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Kim MacDonald – Cornwall/Parkdale

Kim MacDonald was an Ideal Protein client six years ago and was so impressed with the program that she decided to become a coach herself so she can help others achieve the same kind of success! Kim has a wealth of medical and healthcare experience, having been a Registered Nurse for the past 30 years.

Want to book your initial consultation with Kim in Cornwall or Parkdale?

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Pat Adams – Kensington

Pat is our Ideal Protein Coach in Kensington. After shedding 35lbs on the program, Pat says she could see and feel the benefits in many ways beyond the number on the scale. She now sleeps better, has increased energy and confidence, and feels better overall. Pat loves coaching and looks forward to assisting you in your weight loss goals!

Book today in Kensington with Pat!

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Jessica Smith – Central Street, Summerside

Jessica started as an Ideal Protein coach in February of 2019. After receiving a degree in Nutrition she joined Ideal Protein because it allowed her to make one on one connections with clients and help them change their lives. Her favorite part of coaching is empowering people with food knowledge that helps them feel confident that they can lose weight and keep it off.

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Hamid Ferdowsi – Stratford

Hamid has a background in food science. He has worked in different areas of nutrition in his home country before coming to Canada in 2011. Once in Canada Hamid upgraded his nutrition and food science background along with interning and working at several nutrition positions in the Canadian health care system. He says, “the most favorable time of my life is when helping people make a difference in their life to live better.”

Book today in Stratford with Hamid!

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We want you to succeed!


“I started Ideal Protein in 2015 and lost over 90 lbs! I’m very pleased to say I’ve kept most of it off. My coaches were awesome and I couldn’t have done it without them!”

Lorna McInnis, Charlottetown PEI

“When I decided I wanted to lose weight, I asked friends and family for their suggestions and that’s when I heard about Ideal Protein. It was a very easy program to follow because it’s so structured and I found it really beneficial to have the one-on-one consultations to keep me on track. I never felt hungry on Ideal Protein! I lost 36 pounds on it and I’ve never looked back!”

Karen Adams, Charlottetown PEI

“I recently started Ideal Protein and I already feel confident that I can make healthy changes that will last! Having a personal coach makes me feel so supported – like I have my very own cheerleader. I only wish I had started sooner!”

Marie M., Charlottetown PEI

“Since joining Ideal Protein I’ve finally been able to lose the extra weight I’ve been holding onto for years!”

Anne S., Summerside PEI

These testimonials are in no way a guarantee of results.

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